Dresses, venues and themes oh my!  With the New Year quickly approaching us, and many of our brides in the middle of the planning process, we at Calgary Wedding Planning Co. thought it would be a great idea to touch on the subject of Wedding Trends for 2012!

1.      More Than One Wedding Dress

We saw one of our brides this past summer sport a beautiful princess gown for her ceremony and wedding pictures, and later changed into a simpler Greek Goddess style dress for more pictures and the reception.  And who could forget – we saw the beautiful Katherine Middleton wear not 1, but 3 wedding dresses on her big day!  This is popular for a bride who wants to be the center of attention (who doesn’t?), who may be trying to please more people than just herself, but who also wants to be comfortable throughout the evening when it’s time to dance and let loose.  Short cocktail dresses are also trendy, as they’re cute, affordable and you can definitely end up wearing it again.  Since you want it all on your big day – may as well have those two dresses too!  And who’s to say that this won’t turn out to be a trend in grooms as well?  Two suits!  Why not.

2.      Bright’s vs. Neutrals (and trying different color patterns)

Fun color pairings like hot pink, bright green, purple and slate grey are still a very popular demand.  Mixing colors that you wouldn’t normally put together is a huge surprise to guests and will continue to be a front runner.  But sneaking up, is the use of neutrals – think nude, ivory, and blush, and pearl, canvas, wood, tan, gold and silver.  These super chic color palates are soft and elegant and look good for all seasons during the year.

3.      Outdoor Weddings

Always a popular choice, but sometimes hard to control especially in Canada, couples are continuing to get married outdoors, not just the ceremony but the reception too.  By getting married in a backyard, in a park, or at a farm, this theme continues to touch on the rustic and eco-friendly elegance a wedding can have.  I mean who wouldn’t want to get married under the stars and patio lanterns?  And if you can’t get married outdoors – couples are bringing the outdoors, in!  Once again, a big trend set by Kate Middleton by bringing trees into Westminster Abbey.

4.      Having a Theme

Couples continue to put in a lot of effort to choosing a theme and sticking to it.  Whether it be beach or nautical theme, a theme that is a part of your heritage or up bringing (think Italian), or based around your favourite piece of jewellery the theme will run right through the initial save the dates to the food served to your guests.  Keeping the theme consistently through without overwhelming your guests or making it look tacky will be the key to making your themed wedding chic and one of a kind.

5.      Alternative Registries

New kinds of registries other than home goods stores as rising in popularity because most couples these days are living together prior to marriage and already have a toaster oven, wine glasses, and throw pillows.  So instead, couples are registering at websites such as Honeyfund (www.honeyfund.com) a free honeymoon registry where you pick your dream honeymoon destination and your guests can help pitch towards getting you there; and Zankyou (www.zankyou.com) another registry where you can pick out more practical gifts that you actually need, choose your favourite charity to donate to, or build a honeymoon dream destination.

6.      Black Tie Affair

Couples are leaning back to the formal event, where ladies are in ball gowns and gentlemen are in tuxedos.  But, this doesn’t mean the boring factor is going down.  The look will be eye popping, elegant, and although a traditional feel, couples will still continue to be fun and outgoing.

7.      Cocktail Hour Tasting Stations

What’s your favourite concoction?  Couples are choosing to showcase their favourite drinks by pairing them with equally delicious hors d’oeuvres.  This is a great way to get your guests mingling and getting to know each other and setting them up for a fabulous evening.  This trend is also continuing on into the evening, with couples opting out of a formal sit down dinner and having a cocktail style party throughout the evening.  Think a Black Tie Affair, with a later ceremony time and a cocktail style soirée to follow.