The number of photographers in Calgary and the Rocky Mountains is endless, so how do you know which one to choose? There are hundreds of vendors to choose from when planning your wedding day but particularly, there is an overwhelming amount of extremely talented photographers. Here are some tips when selecting the right photographer for you:

  • Do not let price influence you

Just because a photographer may charge a lot, it doesn’t mean their photos are going to turn out any better than a photographer that does not charge as much. When planning your wedding day I recommend keeping that in mind when booking all vendors. Some people overcharge and therefore people assume they must be better than a reasonably priced vendor. This is definitely not true. At our company our prices are competitive and affordable but the services we provide are outstanding.  When you love your job and you understand people have realistic budgets, there is no need to charge a ridiculous amount of money for your services.

  • Meet and spend time with your photographer before hiring them

A photographer can be extremely talented but unless you feel comfortable around them, you are not going to like the way your photos turn out. Your wedding photos are going to be there forever and you want them to look natural and express the love and excitement you were feeling on that day. I recommend a younger (or young at heart) photographer for the reason that they have so much energy and allow you to feel comfortable and creative in shooting unique pictures.

  • Find out how long it is going to take to get your photos back

Photographers can get extremely busy and you have to be patient after your wedding day. Some very popular and busy photographers can take months and months to get your photos back and that can get very frustrating when you paid for your photos before the wedding even happened. This is an advantage of a newer photographer. The fewer weddings they have booked the faster you will get your edited photos back. If a photographer does not feel rushed they will most likely do a better job on the photo editing process and the better your photos will turn out!

  • Recommendations are important

Take advantage of advice you get from your friends and family but also take the advice of a wedding planner who works with a variety of vendors on a daily basis. They know which ones are talented, reliable, creative and the best value for your money.