Calgarians are so lucky to live just a short pleasant drive from the mountains. Although this argument could go either way, we are completely supportive of (not so far) destination weddings. Canmore, Banff & the Rockies provide the perfect natural backdrop for any wedding day. Guests coming from Calgary can enjoy a night or two away from the city pace to relax and make a mini vacation of your wedding weekend. (Without breaking the budget). Guests who are coming from far or out of town appreciate a wedding in a touristy area that they would most likely visit on their travels anyways. Touristy areas have lots of activities and sites to occupy your guest’s time as well as provide a memorable experience for everyone involved. Vintage and Rustic themes are so popular in Alberta and the mountainous backdrop makes the execution of these things effortless. Our all-inclusive wedding packages are available in destination cities as well as Calgary.