1. Blush Colour Pallets

We can’t say we are surprised. This color has been trending for the last two years and it is here to stay during 2016 as well. With such a soft look, blush is used as a neutral as well as an accent color depending on our couple’s tastes. It is versatile and can be used for any theme – classic, rustic, vintage or glam!

Rustic Weddings in Calgary Alberta

2. Rustic Wedding Themes

We do live in Calgary after all! Raw woods, lace and burlap are sticking around. Rustic weddings have a timeless feel and we love bringing in eclectic items to add to this look.

Photo Booths for Weddings in Calgary

3. Photo Booths

We hope this trend never ends! This is such a fun experience for your guests and doubles as a wedding favor as well. Our All Inclusive Wedding Packages have the option to add on this fun service to your day.

Gold Accents for Calgary Wedding Planning

4. Gold Accents

Gold has a classic feel and looks amazing with any color pallet. We always encourage our clients to include metallic into their design and we would be lying if we said it wasn’t our favourite!

5. Marquee Letters

The perfect personal touch! Personalized Marquee letters are sure to steal the show. Whether it is our couple’s initials or a short word or phrase, it always ends up being one of our favorite wedding details.