Full Planning Service

When you begin planning your wedding, useful advice along the way is crucial. Let our experienced staff guide you through the planning process, deciding on themes, choosing vendors and much more. Find out what our company can do for you.

This package includes unlimited consultations with your wedding planner which means there is absolutely no limit to the amount of communication in person, over the phone or by email to completely address all questions and concerns that you may have.

During the initial consultation we will go over the components of your wedding day to get a good idea of your wedding desires. It is likely that you will not have all of the decisions made at this time so it provides unlimited opportunities and options for your wedding day. We can experiment and have fun with the different wedding design elements.

Budgeting is a complicated and tedious task when it comes to planning a wedding. With our Full Planning Service we take this job off of your plate completely! There are so many different vendors, payment methods and “hidden costs” when it comes to vendor’s gratuity policies, delivery fees, travel fees, etc.  It is very easy to miss something small when you are planning such an elaborate event. We can look over your budget together and help you cut down in areas that you feel should be lower.  Our company’s goal is to create the couple’s dream wedding without breaking the budget.

Our company has researched the best and most dependable vendors in the Calgary area as well as the Rockies. Let us help you choose superb vendors that are completely reliable and trustworthy. We also include our vendor’s discounts in your budget saving you money.

Our décor and design skills are strong and creative. We will make any space look great while staying within a limited or small budget. Complete setup and takedown of your wedding is included which takes the stress out of your family and friend’s day and allows them to completely enjoy your big day!  In addition to Full Planning Services, the following day of wedding services are included in this package to make your wedding day stress free for you, your friends and family:

  • A Detailed Wedding Day schedule
  • Personalized schedules for each of your vendors, banquet team and bridal party so everyone is clear on how the day is going to be run
  • Thank you cards for each of your vendors with their final payments attached (only necessary for some)
  • Important Contacts Slips for each of your vendors and bridal party
  • Assistance with seating chart
  • Pick up of flowers/cake/etc.
  • Ensure all vendor deliveries are timely and deal with unplanned slips during the day
  • Set up of ceremony location. (Chairs, aisle, flowers, registry table, etc)
  • Reserve particular seating for immediate family
  • Greet Guests
  • Coordination and Choreography/Timing of Wedding Processional
  • General Coordination of the Wedding Ceremony
  • Take down of Wedding Ceremony and “turn around” of the room into reception setup
  • Deliver all vendor payments
  • Set up of all décor, flowers, centerpieces, seating chart, place settings, favor distribution, guest book table, gift table etc. If you are having chair covers, sashes, etc, these are extremely time consuming and can look quite unattractive if they are not set up and steamed properly
  • General Wedding Reception CoordinationThis includes your grand entrance, cake cutting, first dance, father/daughter dance, garter toss, bouquet toss, etc.
  • Ensure reception is running on a somewhat timely schedule. (The reception generally does not always run according to estimated time with meals, speeches, etc.)
  • Take down of the reception. This is usually at a very late hour where guests and family are exhausted after an eventful day. This is something they will be very grateful for when they do not have to stay to clean up. We will ensure everything is spotless and left the way the hall was given to us to prevent any unplanned charges or discrepancies.
  • Collection of all gifts and ensure they are delivered to you the next day
  • Return any décor or vendor rentals. (Chair covers, linens, cake stands, vases, etc.)

We believe every couple should, at the very least, have a wedding planner on their wedding day. It is just as important for your family and friends to enjoy their day as it is for you to enjoy yours. It relieves a huge amount of stress and inconvenience for them if they are not the ones setting up, paying vendors, dealing with unplanned situations, taking down, cleaning up, etc. I truly believe it allows all of your friends and family to enjoy their day and let them be exactly what they are… a guest at your wedding!

We are not here to charge you for every detail of the wedding that we assist you with, but to genuinely help you create your big day.  Calgary Wedding Planning Co. is here to make your wedding day perfect without breaking the budget!